5 Billion In Diamonds Announce Forthcoming Album ‘Divine Accidents’

5 Billion In Diamonds
Announce Forthcoming Album ‘Divine Accidents’ 

Out November 20th via Make Records
Share New Track ‘Weight of the World’ 

Today, 5 Billion in Diamonds, the legendary producer trio of Butch Vig, Andy Jenks and DJ James Grillo, return with a new single and album announcement, sharing the cinematic and psych-laden track “Weight of the World”. Fusing influences from the 80s with their signature genre-bending sound, the band return with an exciting set of renowned collaborators on the upcoming record, Divine Accidents, due out November 20th via MAKE Records.

Divine Accidents, the follow up to their eponymous 2017 debut – another imaginary soundtrack to another imaginary film – is a dazzling sonic and thematic journey to the heavens, a reaction to and escape from the insanity of these times. The transatlantic band have brought some 80s vibes into the cinematic mix of psych rock and folk sounds and expanded their sonic palette using the same stellar cast of collaborators including singers Ebbot Lundberg (The Soundtrack of Our Lives, Union Carbide Productions), David Schelzel (The Ocean Blue), Bristolian chanteuse Helen White and musicians including the ‘Bristol Wrecking Crew’ of Alex Lee, Sean Cook and Damon Reece on guitars, bass and drums. They also have new and sublime contributions from James Bagshaw of British psych rockers Temples and gorgeous vocals from Martin Barnard from Jenks’ 90s combo Alpha.


01. Divine Accidents
02. Colour You In
03. Let it Get Away from You
04. The Unknown
05. Formaldehyde
06. Into Your Symphony
07. Hurt No More
08. Weight of the World
09. Witches
10. Bodega Bay
11. Dive In Me

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