WRITTEN BY WOLVES announce debut album ‘Secrets’ and release title-track with music video

Album set for release 8th November via Tenfold Records

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New Zealand’s highest steaming rock band, Written By Wolves, have announced the release of their debut album ‘Secrets’ on 8th November via Tenfold Records, and released the title-track along with an intense and twisted music video.

The single is a commentary on the current state of the world. Vocalist Michael Murphy says it’s “a realisation that we are all hiding how we feel and putting on a public face – smiling on the outside while bottling up the deep shit to such an extent that issues such as mental health and suicide are near epidemic status. It’s about understanding that we are not alone in feeling this way and that it is time to change societal norms and open up about how we feel – to put more emphasis on talking to each other about things that really matter rather than how amazing we can make our lives look online.”

'Secrets' Album Artwork

The accompanying dark and twisted music video Murphy says is “definitely the darkest we have gone with a video so far. When I was writing the vocals for this track it conjured up some pretty intense imagery in my mind and the whole band were really keen to try and convey the intensity of the song within the music video. When we mentioned a few of our ideas to Josh Mabie (Director of the ‘Secrets’ music video) he got super excited and came back with this incredible, dark, twisted treatment that we immediately agreed to and just let him run with.”

‘Secrets’ is the second song to be released from the upcoming album of the same name. The 13-track debut album is full of thoughts and feelings that people don’t usually feel comfortable talking about. 

‘Secrets’ was recorded at Big Pop Studios in Auckland, New Zealand, produced by Written By Wolves, co-produced and mixed by Thomas Oliver, co-produced and engineered by Rich Bryan, and mastered by Mike Gibson at Munki Studios.

Michael Murphy (vocals)
Davie Wong (guitar)
Bahador Borhani (guitar)
Karl Woodhams (drums)
Oli Lyons (percussion, samples, electronic wizardry)

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