Whatever You Feel I Do Too, the debut EP from Hailey Beavis!

Photo credit: Greg Ryan

FFO – Big Thief, Solange, Blood Orange, Paul Simon, Sharon Van Etten, Feist

Single – ‘Stranger Inside’

Norfolk-born Hailey Beavis is a songwriter and visual artist based in Edinburgh. Her debut EP ‘Whatever You Feel I Do will be the second release from OK Pal Records, a label which Beavis formed in cahoots with her best friend, Faith Eliott, in 2018. 

The EP was recorded with Pete Harvey (also known for Modern Studies & Paul Vickers and The Leg) at Pumpkinfield Studio, near Perth. It is a stunning collection of songs about coming to terms with love and loss, with an overarching sense of self reliance, perseverance and desire. Over the course of the record, sweet, melodic song-writing meets soupy harmonies and synths. It’s a kind of bedroom-pop that is as personal as it is strong-willed and outward facing. 

This may be a debut EP, but Beavis has been honing her craft for over a decade. Moving to Edinburgh aged 20, she immersed herself in the folk scene, initially singing traditional tunes. It was around this time she picked up the guitar and began writing her own. She was encouraged by the inclusive spirit of Edinburgh’s folk pubs, where she could develop her songwriting and build confidence in a friendly, social space. 

The tradition of folk and storytelling is evident in Beavis’s stand-out lyrics, which are full of narrative, imagery and description. However, her musical backdrop has been remoulded substantially. Over the years of live performances, experimenting and collaborating with other musicians, Beavis’s songs have evolved into something that is indubitably pop in spirit. Though guitar is still her foundation, her live shows are punctuated with talking toys, glockenspiels and layers of looped harmonies. She is always looking to marry her many layers of influence.

She explains, “I love a sassy hook, I love that I can write about something so heavy and then add a synth part that sounds like cartoon aliens landing on earth”.

An accomplished visual artist as well as musician, it’s safe to say Hailey Beavis is a polymath. Her signature is on everything she puts her hand to. From hand drawn CD sleeves and zines to vivid murals and huge textile collages that she often hangs behind her at gigs. ‘Whatever You Feel I Do Too’ is a worthy introduction to her rich and multi-layered inner life.

‘Whatever You Feel I Do Too’ is out on OK PAL Records on 17th of January, 2020.

There will be an EP launch party on the 25th of January at the Traverse Theatre in Edinburgh


1. Stranger Inside
2. Daybreak Will Destroy You
3. You’ve Got To Go
4. Transcend
5. Sorry



“There’s vulnerability and fragility woven through Nico-esque fingerpicking, and intricate storytelling both in delicate songs and between-song chat… Playing off against this is Beavis’ pedal work – she builds layer upon layer of hypnotising loops to a dizzying and piercing crescendo.” – The Skinny

“Hailey’s guitar work is suffused with a wonderful warmth of tone, impeccable rhythm, and thoughtful dynamics. Her lyrics are uplifting, heartfelt, and delivered with a distinct, lilting vocal style. The synergy between strings and voice creates a truly captivating live experience.” – The Fountain