The Nix (feat Nick McCarthy ex Franz Ferdinand) announce details of debut album

Announce details of their debut album, ‘Sausage Studio Sessions’
Featuring musical contributions from Laetitia Sadier of Stereolab, KT Tunstall and Basement Jaxx vocalist Vula Malinga amongst others.
Share the video to latest track ‘Shoemonk’ feat. Vula Malinga 

Shoemonk is the latest track to be shared by The Nix, a loose collection of uniquely talented musicians corralled together by Nick McCarthy (ex Franz Ferdinand) and Seb Kellig around their Sausage Studio in east London.
‘Shoemonk’ belongs to Alexander Ragnew, Vula Malinga, Max Weissenfeld and The Nix.
‘Shoemonk’ belongs to everybody.
 The track, featuring vocals from Vula Malinga is accompanied by a video directed by Jim Parkyn from Aardman, and is taken from their debut 12-track album, Sausage Studio Sessions which will be released on Moshi Moshi Records on Friday 30th October 2020.

Seb Kellig explains:
With ‘Shoemonk’ he gave us something special. A set of lyrics that lent itself to the weirdest rhythm, that could be applied to any real-life scenario, to a blurry dream, a flight through a wondrous landscape, an ode to love, betrayal and jealousy. Fences form part of these words, hardly visible restrictions marking an unbroken line, fragile yet restricting. We salute those fences for their sense of security. 
It wasn’t the first time Alexander had given us lyrics. He had contributed to ‘Manuela’, played a major part in the creation of the ‘Box Codax’ records, and provided philosophical guidance on countless other occasions.
The Yamaha Electone was throbbing along relentlessly whilst Max found the groove. Steady, convinced, the simplest form often hits the hardest. Vula is a real sport. A laugh as big as her voice, a heart as warm as her melodies. Time is never wasted when with Vula. 
So we get wasted and get down to it. We’re one, we’re equal, we need and love each other. We capture a moment in time. We agree – when asked awkward questions, our get-out-clause will be: ‘It was never bout the money’.
Talking about the video, Jim Parkyn said:

I have spent a lot of time working with modelling clay in film and television and have been wanting to play with plasticine in a different way to my normal day job. I have been making expressive paintings in clay for a little while and was wondering if I could make it work in a much tighter form. Having toyed with making graphic illustrations I thought this was a good opportunity to really introduce some colour to what I’m doing. I love the idea of making every scene into a panel and using UV reactive clay gave me the chance to change the scene transitions in a fun way. This process has opened up a whole comic world for me to exploit.
Nick McCarthy added about the album, which features Laetitia Sadier, KT Tunstall and Basement Jaxx vocalist Vula Malinga:
So this is an album I always had in mind to record after leaving Franz Ferdinand.  I wanted to make something that felt at the same time like a farewell and a new start party incorporating all the amazing musicians and people I’ve met around the world.
I wanted the record to have the same ethos as the parties I used to organise growing up in Munich and Glasgow, so with this in mind myself and Seb Kellig, one of my best friends and a great musician and producer, set up Sausage Studios in Hackney Lane
Our studio is open 24 hours, musicians and singers would show up and each song was written collectively and very spontaneously with the artists and the whole record was recorded with a backing band, Motown style on party nights. Seb worked his dub production magic and ‘boom’ the record was finished.
Like so many things in my life, it all started out as a protest record.  There are definitely still some arseholes out there who need to be stopped but now the virus has hit. Like any other real party, we’re all in this together. And we’ll get over this together.

The track listing of the album is as follows:
1.   Shoemonk (feat. Vula Malinga)
2.   The Highest (feat. Kwamie Liv)
3.   The Drop (feat. Khloe Anna)
4.   Colours (feat. Vito Skye, Valentina Skye & Andy Knowles)
5.   Valentina (feat. Khloe Anna)
6.   Don’t Roll Your Eyes At Me (feat. David Aird)
7.   Until Now, All Is Well (feat. Laetitia Sadier)
8.   Nix (feat. Nix Sana’a Sylvester Gonputh-Kellig)
9.   The Strangest Thing (feat. KT Tunstall)
10. Full Fathom Five (feat. Philipp Plessmann)
11. Loose Noose (feat. Andy Knowles & Vula Malinga)
12. Hyena (feat. Manuela Gernedl)
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