Spotify Russia Launch Boosts Better Noise Music Market Share in Russia

Five Finger Death PunchThe Hu, and Escape The Fate See Big Jump In Russia Revenue
MD Europe Dan Waite Predicts Russia Entering a Golden Era for Music

In the week since Spotify Russia has launched Allen Kovac’s Better Noise Musicacts have seen a large jump in streaming consumption from the Russian Federation. The statistics from the first week streaming data point to the fact that Russia will be a Top Global Market in streaming for many of Better Noise Music artists generating tens of millions of streams in the first year.
Betternoise music is home to legendary rockers Mötley CrüeFive Finger Death PunchBad WolvesEscape The Fate,The Hu – Mongolian breakthrough rock band of 2019, Tommy LeePapa RoachNothing MoreDirty Heads andAWOLNATION.
Zoltan Bathory Hungarian-born American guitarist for Five Finger Death Punch says“Russia is one of our favorite places to tour. We have a massive diehard audience there so I’m not surprised on the streaming numbers but most importantly – Spotify’s extension to Russia is a great step forward for the whole world because music is a global unifier that transcends politics and all of our artificial differences that fragment society. And a message to our Russian friends and fans: The challenges the world is facing right now hopefully will be over soon so we can come back and see you again.”
Better Noise Music Managing Director for Europe, Dan Waite, visited Moscow in March 2020 on a mission with Association of Independent Music, IMPALA and the British Council, to visit with local marketing, press and radio and DSP professionals from the Russian Music Industry. Waite also spent time at the Spotify Russia headquarters in Moscow with Rustam Kireev, Spotify Artist and Label Partnerships and learned about their launch plans and how to best engage with the Russian audiences through Spotify. 
Dan Waite commented “Seeing Spotify launch in Russia is an important milestone for Spotify, the music business in Russia but also the Global Music Industry. It is only been a week since Spotify Russia has launched, but by extrapolating our 1 week streaming data out to 1 year, already we can tell that Russia is going to be a top 10 market for Better Noise Music artists.”Waite continued “The streaming data tells me that we could open a Moscow office soon, I believe this will open up Russia to greater music investment, reduce piracy and will usher in a Golden Era for music in Russia”
Tommy Lee of Mötley Crüe fame said“Hey Russia,  What’s up? Are you streaming my new song “Tommy Lee” remixwith Tyla Yaweh and Post Malone yet? Check it out on Spotify and I’ll see you soon!”
Tuga Namgur, Manager, The Hu states “It’s exciting news that Spotify is expanding into Russia. Mongolia and Russia are neighbours, and not only do we look forward to sharing our music with our Russian fans through Spotify, we plan to tour there in 2021 and rock out together in person!”
Craig Mabbit of Escape The Fate has a message for their Russian fans “We’re thrilled that Spotify has launched in Russia. We can’t wait to come visit Russia! Stream “Broken Heart”on Spotify and stay tuned for new music coming soon!”
It’s not only Better Noise Music Arena filling acts which are benefiting from Spotify Russia launch. The new signings such as Billion Track Streamers AWOLNATION new album Angel Miners & The Lightning Ridersand Fire From The Gods new album ‘American Sun’are benefiting and with new albums from Cory Marks (Album – Who I Am– 7 August) , From Ashes to New (Album – Panic– 28 August) and Tommy Lee (Album – Andro – 16 October), Better Noise Music are hoping that Russia uses Spotify to discover more great music from the label. Additionally Better Noise Music’s Spotify Playlist ‘Hard Rock Workout’ now has 60,000 followers and is helping people around the world get fit during Covid-19 lockdown to motivational rock music.  
Better Noise Films, are releasing two films this year, ‘SNO BABIES’on September 29th, and ‘The Retaliators’in early winter and both sound tracks feature music from Better Noise Music roster of talent and will be on Spotify Russia. The Retaliatorsfilm will have guest cameo acting appearances from Tommy LeeFive Finger Death PunchThe Huand Papa Roach’s Jacoby Shaddixand ‘SNO BABIES’sound track will include Bad Wolves#1 hit ‘Sober’and top 10 hit by Cory Marks‘Outlaws and Outsiders’featuring Travis Tritt, Mick Mars and Ivan Moody