NEW SINGLE : Rampton Prom return with the glittering new single ‘Give Me Something’, out today

“I’m a bit touchy about records which are just a tad overproduced but [Too Baby] has got a lovely sheen to it I think” – Steve Lamacq

Having already impressed so many these last few months with their debut single ‘Too Baby’ (which was championed by BBC 6 Music’s Steve Lamacq), and their bassline-inspired follow-up ‘Little Things’, emerging studio project Rampton Prom now return to deliver their glittering new cut ‘Give Me Something’.

While their previous offerings demonstrated a more energetic and driven aesthetic, ‘Give Me Something’ sees Rampton Prom channel a more experimental direction this time around. Opening with tape-wobble-bathed guitar and vibraphone under aggro hip-hop beats, the track’s second half then explodes into a heavy, bass-focused instrumental. This return offers a bold and distinct sound that adds another layer to the project’s genre-bending intentions.

‘Give Me Something’ explores the internal conflict that arises when you throw yourself into something hard. Speaking about the new release, vocalist Gina says, ‘I guess the lines ‘Give me something’ could be interpreted as a plea for some answers from somewhere external but equally I think it was an attempt at finding something in me, something good. I can get trapped in some pretty negative thought patterns that are hard to get out of sometimes.” Although there’s a darkness to the track, there’s also a sense of hope, of not giving up and a kind of resilience in Gina’s care-free, resigned delivery.

Rampton Prom is a studio project made up of producer Jonny Parry, Gina Leonard and Ryan Rogers (Mumble Tide). The three friends got together in various locations to spend focused weeks in makeshift living room studios writing, producing and recording a body of work they plan to unveil as the year progresses.

Taking influence from contemporary pop and US hip hop, Rampton Prom’s sound is a unique mix of choppy beats, poetic lyricism and quirky analogue arrangements. Gina’s narrative comes out almost too fast at times, exploring attempts at finding comfort in an increasingly polarised modern world. Her almost subconsciously flowing lyrics sit comfortably over an energetic foundation of colorful arrangements provided by Jonny and Ryan.