NEW MUSIC : Pete MacLeod launches 3SouL project with bandmates for 2021

PETE MACLEOD kickstarted 2020 with a number one single and is aiming to break new ground once again with the launch of a new music project.

Lockdown might have stopped the Coatbridge singer from capitalising on the success of Firing Line hitting the summit of the UK Physical Singles Chart in March, but he has refused to rest on his laurels.

Instead, he has turned to the blossoming partnership he ignited with Wales-based Brandon Lee and Graeme Ferguson – with all three merging under the 3SouL banner.

The trio first linked up in 2019 when MacLeod performed at K-Fest in Rhyl, north Wales, and it became clear there was a spark among them.

MacLeod said: “Sometimes you meet people and you just know there is something there. Fergy and I had always worked well together, but Brandon is a major piece of the puzzle when it comes to 3SouL. We are something very different as a unit.

“After meeting in 2019, we started travelling to Wales to work on things and it was obvious there was something worth exploring. Now, we are making music the three of us like – and we hope everyone else can enjoy it.”

MacLeod’s own sonic journey had taken him from an indie singer-songwriter base into Balearic territory with his second album in 2016.

The singer added: “3SouL is different for me because it’s a collective force behind the music as opposed to working on my own. It’s not too far a departure from what I was doing with YOUTH for my second album, Crestfallen.

“It’s not something that’s forced from my own perspective. We don’t have any pressure on us – we’re not too concerned with charts or anything like that; it’s all about working together to produce something authentic that we all like. And I’m making music with good mates who are both very talented in their own right, of course. It’s win, win, win.”

Fergy, also from Coatbridge but now lives in Stirling, has been able to flex some new creative muscles as part of the 3SouL project.

He said: “I’ve been playing bass and producing music and have worked with Pete in many projects over the years.  I’ve played live gigs all over the place and I’m not used to being part of the writing process as much.

“Working in 3SouL has opened up a new chapter in music for me, especially the production aspects which is a whole different side of it.

“Meeting Brandon and seeing the process of production has been inspiring and long may it continue.”

Lee, from Rhyl, added: “I’ve been a music lover from a very young age, picking up my first mixer at just 10 years old. I was mesmerised by house music and the joy it brought to people, most of all, the joy it brought to my mum.

“I began playing gigs at just 11 years old and continued to experiment with music production over the next decade, releasing both progressive and tech house tracks.

“As soon as I was introduced to Pete and Fergy in 2019 I knew we could create something brilliant. Each of us has something amazing to bring to the table and I’m excited to see where 3SouL takes us.”

The 3SouL journey begins with debut single Energy – a poignant look at the everyday struggles of life and the ongoing battle to make positive, forward-thinking choices.

MacLeod said: “Most times in life you have to fight for the things you want. Even for life itself.

“It could be that you have made mistakes and you’re trying to recover from them. It could be that someone else has made mistakes and you’re trying to recover from them.

“Could even be no-one’s fault. Not one person wakes up and everything falls into place. There is an effort of positive energy that is required from ourselves.

“That is what life is to me. As the line goes in the song: ‘I’m a product of my own positivity’. It’s an attitude, an energy, and a positive one at that.”

Energy will be released at midnight on Friday, February 5, along with a psychedelic visual art video. Further material will be likely for 2021, but the trio are, for now, concerned with providing a little light relief for music fans during the pandemic.

MacLeod added: “Obviously, everyone is going through tough times at the moment and the uncertainty is testing everyone’s patience.

“Hopefully, our music can lighten a few moods because music can do that – it’s a powerful medicine for many. It has been there for us through the good times and bad times.”

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