Empires That Dance: George Porter & Andy Inniss

New Gold Dream is their latest reinterpretation of a Simple Minds song they both love. It was recorded during the spring & summer of 2019 and an accompanying video was filmed in Scotland, Belgium and Germany.

ETD’s version of New Gold Dream was produced by Gustavo.

New Gold Dream by Empires That Dance will be released on January 18th 2020 through all major digital stores. The video will also be available on social media platforms (FaceBook, YouTube).

George Porter has worked with Derek Forbes & Brian McGee. George has also released 2 solo singles and is the lead singer for Simple Minded and Deacon Blues.

Andy Inniss has composed music for White Hot Day Simple Minds fan convention, a forthcoming fan documentary and worked with Brian McGee’s Ex Simple Minds

A fantastic alternative version of New Gold Dream, and it really did knock me out. I loved it. Great backing and perfect vocals from George Porter, I found it inspiring and uplifting. Well done guys…
Mick MacNeil (Ex Simple

Empires That Dance… You have done a great job. I hear Led Zeppelin and Killing Joke in there with an obvious Simple Minds. I love the Eastern feel to the track. It’s ten from Len not a wan from Dan…
Derek Forbes (Ex Simple

Impressive… big sound …big beat…big heart… New Gold Dream 2020…
Bruce Findlay (Ex Simple
Minds Manager)

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